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Recommended Reading

The Monks of New Skete:

  • The Art of Raising a Puppy
    (Basic Training for Puppies, includes advice on how to choose one)
  • How to be Your Dog's Best Friend
    (Basic approach to being your dog's leader, and basic obedience training)

Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson:

  • Good Owners, Great Dogs
    (Basic Obedience Training and Dog Handling)
  • Childproofing Your Dog
    (An invaluable guide to preparing your dog and baby or child to have a good and SAFE relationship - well set up to be a quick reference)
  • Paws to Consider
    (An impartial, experienced guide to selecting the right breed for you and your family)

Sarah Wilson

  • My Smart Puppy
    (Basic training for puppies: includes DVD)

Patricia McConnell:

  • For the Love of a Dog
    (What science tells us about the emotional lives of dogs)