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Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson:

Good Owners, Great Dogs
(Basic Obedience Training and dog handling)

My Smart Puppy
(Basic Training for Puppies)

Childproofing Your Dog
(An invaluable guide to preparing your dog and baby or child to have a good and SAFE relationship)

Paws to Consider
(An impartial, experienced guide to selecting the right breed for you)


The Monks of New Skete:

The Art of Raising a Puppy
(Basic Training for Puppies -- includes advice on choosing one)

How to be Your Dog's Best Friend
Basic Approach to being your dog's leader and basic obedience training)


Stanley Coren:

Why We Love the Dogs We Do
(Guide to finding the right breed for you based on your temperament and the dog's)

How to Speak Dog
(Approach to relating to dogs generally as well as training)

The Intelligence of Dogs
(Discussion of the different kinds of intelligence exhibited by dogs and emphasis on breed-specific variations)


Temple Grandin:

Animals in Translation
Discussion of how animals see the world, looked at through the lens of a high-functioning autistic animal scientist)

Patricia McConnell:

For the Love of a Dog
(What science tells us about the emotional lives of dogs)


Lisa Marie Daniel
Dog Obedience & Behavior Consultant
Telephone: 301-938-8870    Email: Lisadaniel20814@gmail.com

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