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My New Puppy, Triple H Big Train Cody!
(Born May 11, 2008)

Day One: picking him up from Deborah's house (what a fluffy bundle!):

Dog Trainer with New Puppy

Cody has awesome parents: Sire: Triple H Mid Knight Rumble ("Rowdy") was the Number One Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the country in 2006, and has won, among many other accomplishments, Best of Breed at Westminster in 2007. His mom is also a champion: Triple H Amber Brew. Their breeder is Deborah Cox: www.triplehcorgis.com

Cody's formal name carries on a baseball tradition in his pedigree (he has a grandmother "Triple H 'A League of Her Own'" and a grandfather "Triple H Out in Left Field"). Specifically, Cody is named for the Washington Senators' Hall of Fame pitcher, Walter Johnson, whose nickname was "The Big Train." My husband and two of our daughters attended Walter Johnson High School, and my father-in-law, Dan Daniels, was the announcer for the Senators, so Cody's name is partly in his honor as well.

Cody is my second "fluffy", with Lucky (picture at the top of the page) being my first. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed standard calls for short hair and a fluffy coat is considered a terrible fault in the breed ring. It is a recessive trait that breeders do not want to reproduce, but I (and there are others: if you google "fluffy corgis" you will find it's a bit of a cult) happen to love fluffies and was thrilled to hear that Deborah had one for me. The only downside is that people will often ask (especially about Lucky) if they are shelties or corgi/shelty crosses. Fluffies can often be found competing in obedience, agility, or rally, where their failure to meet the breed standard is no bar.


Moving right along:

Cody's First Leg in Rally Novice B:
(Second Place with a 98)
July 12, 2009



Beginning the Call Front:


The fourth and last Halt:



I am so happy to announce that Cody achieved his Rally Novice Title today, having gotten three consecutive legs. After his second place finish on his first leg, he went on to place First with a perfect score at the Shetland Sheepdog Club and then Second place with a 95 at the Oriole Dog Training club (December 11, 2009) for his title.

RA Title!

After 3rd place and 2nd place finishes in his first two outings in Advanced, Cody got his Rally Advanced Title at the Catoctin Kennel Club at Point of Rocks, MD on December 3rd, 2010.


In three consecutive tries, Cody placed 3rd, 3rd, and 4th with a high score of 97, completing his Rally Excellent title at the Mt. Vernon Dog Training Club October 7th, 2011.

He is now:

Triple H Big Train Cody RE!





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